ASI & PPAI top-rated supplier of promotional products

About us 


Sprinters Advertising is a highly reputable and innovative supplier of promotional products. We sell exclusively through our network of distributors in North America and other territories.


Our distributors range from small mom-and-pop shops to top 50 distributors.

We pride ourselves on our out-of-the-box thinking, extensive product lines, exclusive product releases, top global and domestic product brands, unique services for our distributors, competitive prices, simple order process, and our outstanding customer service team.


Our production and decoration capabilities are unparalleled, and we're able to manufacture and decorate virtually anything - from embroidered socks to custom-shaped USB flash drives.

Our immense production capabilities, fantastic customer experience, flexibility, and creativity have earned us the honor of being ASI and SAGE's top-rated company.


Sprinters have 2 main offices and production facilities:   
Our local production facility in California has state-of-the-art production equipment and machinery. 

We provide our distributors with the highest quality branding, extensive product line and availability, quick production, and effective quality control.

Our facility can also offer unique services such as storage, kitting, custom packaging, bundling, dropshipping, labeling, personalization, and more.

 Let's face it. Every company wants to market itself in the most distinct way possible!

Our second Facility is in Guangzhou, China.
The team has multiple tasks:

1. Get ahead of the supply chain - Making sure we put our hands on the highest quality, trendiest, and most innovative items at the best price points for our distributors to enjoy. We're continuously adding new items to our catalog to stay on-trend and to meet market demand.

2. Custom manufacturing - Let's face it. Every company wants to market itself in the most distinct way. Our vast network of leading international manufacturers was carefully developed throughout the years.
These connections allow us to receive exclusive or trendy items ahead of the rest of the industry, manufacture ultra-customized items that are not offered anywhere else, dropship globally, and produce large orders at the lowest price points in the industry.

3. Quality control - Ensuring the quality of our imported goods right at the factory's door.

Our in-house art department is here to ensure your clients' logo would look great on our products. We can vectorize any artwork and create any digital design.

Exclusive brands 

As part of our efforts to provide exclusive product lines, We've created partnerships with global and local brands such as the world-famous Hugo Boss, Cacharel Paris, Cerutti I88I, Ice watch, Nina Ricci, Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, and Magnet Mount.